India’s First Tent-Pole Franchise

When SS Rajamouli started working on the concept of Baahubali, he knew the scope of it was humongous. The detailed and in depth research for the characters, kingdom, plot, story line, lead to many backstories, with a unique touch and fascinating story to tell.

With an aim to explore, and share with the world this story, the enormous world of Baahubali was created.

The world of Baahubali has many branches to it, each telling a unique story and creating a new experience of its own.

Apart from the two part movie installment, Baahubali has Virtual Reality, Graphic Novels, Animation, Novel Trilogy, Gaming, Licensing, Merchandising and a lot more coming up!
With all of this, we can proudly say Baahubali is India’s first tent- pole franchise!

To engage the audience with the various aspects of “The World of Baahubali” in the best possible way, Baahubali and Arka Mediaworks have partnered with:

AMD Radeon Technologies Group for the VR experiences and technological support.
Graphic India for Graphic Novels and Animation.
Black White Orange for Licensing and Merchandising

In the works are also a novel trilogy by Anand Neelakantan and a live action series with a major network.

Stay tuned & welcome to The World Of Baahubali!