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The World Of Baahubali

The World Of Baahubali

Welcome, to the World of Baahubali!

“Even before we have created the film, we have created the world of Baahubali. The film is actually an offshoot of the larger library of stories that we have created. The Baahubali franchise is a spin-off this world of Baahubali we created.”
– S.S.Rajamouli

S.S.Rajamouli and Arka Mediaworks have teamed up with many partners to explore, and share with the world the endless possibilities of Baahubali.

“The World Of Baahubali” event showcased by Oppo had the first looks of our entire Baahubali franchise; each telling a unique story and creating an experience of its own.

The event started off with our Producer, Shobu Yarlagadda talking about the Baahubali Franchise and how he envisions “Baahubali” as a brand…

Baahubali VR experience

Arka Mediaworks and AMD Radeon Technologies Group have come up with the first of its kind immersive cinematic VR experience called “The Sword Of Baahubali’.

Baahubali Graphic Novel & Baahubali Animation Series

Arka Mediaworks in association with Graphic India have come up with two innovative spin-offs; the Baahubali Graphic Novel, Baahubali – Battle Of The Bold and the Baahubali Animation series, Baahubali – The Lost Legends.

Baahubali Game

Arka Mediaworks and Moonfrog Labs are coming up with “Baahubali: The Game”; It takes place in the Baahubali extended universe, where the player gets to be a part of the epic.

Baahubali Novel Trilogy

Arka Mediaworks in association with Westland Books and Graphic India are coming up with a Novel Trilogy, being authored by Anand Neelakanthan; known as Baahubali – Before The Beginning.

Baahubali Merchandise & Licensing

Baahubali and Black White Orange have stepped up the game of merchandise and licensing by coming up with various merchandise and novelties in association with various partners.

Art Angle – Novelty Partner

Entertainment Store – Apparel and Novelty Partner

PaintCollar – Apparel and Novelty Partner

Status Quo – Fashion Partner

ICICI – Debit Card Partners

Macmerise – Electronic Accessories Partner.

With all our partners and the team Baahubali getting a sneak peak into the enormous world that Baahubali is, it was surely a great event!

With all this we can proudly say Baahubali is India’s Biggest Tent-pole franchise!

So delighted!! #WorldOfBaahubali