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Answers to the Baahubali Quest

Answers to the Baahubali Quest

What a day it has been, #ADayWithBaahubali was so much fun!
7 hours, 14 questions, Team Baahubali and you – the quest couldn’t have been better!

While you spent the day answering questions across platforms; starting with our director S.S.Rajamouli and ending it with our most loyal, Kattappa…Here are the answers all in one place.

Answer : K. V. Vijayendra Prasad

Answer : Baahubali Virtual Reality experience – “The Sword Of Baahubali”

Answer : Bhallaladeva’s birthday

Answer : Singapuram Dongala Kota

Answer : 120 days

Answer : Trishoola Vyuham

Answer : Daler Mehndi

Answer : 25 years

Answer : Madhan Karky, Kilikki

Answer : 100 feet

Answer : Horse

Answer : July 10th 2015

Answer : Mahendra Baahubali should stay alive

Answer : Now this one is upto your creativity! All that we can say is…
See you on the big screen. Just 10 days to go!!

Well, that was it. How many questions did you get right?

The winners will be announced on the Baahubali App at 6 p.m today!!!
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