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The Internet Reacts to BB2 Trailer!

The Internet Reacts to BB2 Trailer!

It’s been over a day since the trailer of our movie “Baahubali 2 – The Conclusion” released, and the Baahubali craze is going strong, and definitely looks like it’s here to stay!

50 Million views in 24 hours,
65 Million views in 48 hours, and still counting…

Here’s where the #Baahubali2Trailer stands globally…

It has been really overwhelming to see this kind of a response!

The cherry on top, were the amazing comments and love we received from different people – movie stars, fellow film directors, musicians, film critics, hardcore fans and lots more people on the internet…

Adding to the fun, were the trailer reaction videos that popular YouTube Vloggers made…

We bet, you’ve got some fun trailer reaction stories to share with us too…

Grab a camera,
Record your reactions &
Share it with us!

Enjoy watching the #Baahubali2Trailer again!!!

See you soon in theaters, April 28th 2017!